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Film Fondue: It sounds like a ‘Sinister Six’ movie is still happening

by Brandon Russell | September 26, 2015September 26, 2015 8:00 am PDT

It was just one of those weeks. Now that the madness of summer has officially wound down, the box office has been pretty quiet. So, too, has the rumor mill. Many of the biggest movies left this year are coming out fairly soon, with the shadow of Star Wars: The Force Awakens looming. Just come out already! Just three months left. Three. Months. Left.

With the rumor mill going quiet, hopefully Hollywood will start hitting us with new trailers. We’re not only expecting a new one for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but X-Men: Apocalypse, Warcraft and Captain America: Civil War. Hopefully those will hit sooner rather than later—last we heard the Warcraft trailer would start running in November, so perhaps that’s when we’ll see the others, too.

Sinister Six movie could still happen

The future of Spider-Man is still very much in the air. Now that Marvel is in the driver’s seat, plans Sony might have had for the character might not happen. According to Drew Goddard, however, a Sinister Six movie could still happen—at least story-wise. “It slots in very well to any plan anybody ever wants,” Goddard said. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if Sony and Marvel will actually make it. [io9]

Multiple Prometheus sequels

Now that we know the name of Ridley Scott’s next Prometheus sequel, the director revealed multiple entries are on the way. In a recent interview, Scott said he could make three or four; it’s just a matter of determining if anybody wants them. Things are getting real complicated now that Scott has revealed the next Prometheus film, known as Alien: Paradise Lost, will tie in with Alien. We don’t know anymore, but it’s clear more are on the way. [ComingSoon]

Men in Black reboot

Sony Pictures wants more Men in Black, and it’ll supposedly be reinvented as a trilogy? WHAT? That means both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are out of the picture, which, OK, I guess the duo are a little past their primes for this kind of movie. Let’s just hope a reinvention doesn’t mean a remake of the original trilogy, just with different actors. I like Men in Black, and I’d be happy to see more of it. But let’s do new stories, new monsters. [TheHollywoodReporter]

The Splat! is coming to TV

After weeks of rumors, Nickelodeon announced its bringing back some of its most famous shows in a new late-night programming block. Some of Nickelodeon’s best shows aired in the 90s, so it’s great to hear the channel is feeding off our sappy nostalgia. I can watch Doug, Rocko’s Modern Life and Kenan & Kel any day. The fun begin on Oct. 5, with The Splat! running from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day. I just wish there was a streaming component. [Variety]

Mr. Robot coming to Amazon

USA’s beloved hacker drama, Mr. Robot, will exclusively stream through Amazon next year. That’s great news, because I didn’t get a chance to catch the show when it aired. People have praised the show for its accurate depiction of hacker culture, something Hollywood has struggled to capture. We’ll let you know when we have an exact date. [Amazon]

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