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Bigfoot Easter Egg uncovered in Grand Theft Auto V, possible spoilers

by Ron Duwell | September 26, 2015September 26, 2015 1:00 pm PDT

WARNING: Possible spoilers if you want to figure this out on your own. I doubt you will though because it is very specific.

One of Grand Theft Auto’s greatest secrets has been discovered. Long has the Bigfoot clan been rumored to appear in the Los Santos area of GTA’s universe, and many spent years looking for them in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas only to come up empty handed. In Grand Theft Auto V, the secret has been uncovered. Nobody could find Bigfoot in the previous game because Bigfoot…

…resides inside of us. That is, if we take a lot of drugs.

A recent update to Grand Theft Auto V added the Cryptozoologist achievement, which states that “You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode… or did you?” After checking the status menu, many still discovered that indeed only had 21/22 animals unlocked. Where was the final creature? Is it Bigfoot? Well, yes it is, but you’ll never find him looking by traditional means. You’ll have to get experimental and do a lot of plant hunting.

Scattered throughout the map after the update is a new wild peyote plant that lets you hallucinate as an animal. This is a new way of unlocking all the animals, but those wanting Bigfoot will have to find the drug meeting very specific requirements. You’ll have to be playing on Tuesday between 5:30AM – 8:30AM with the weather being foggy on PC and snowy of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. From there, a specific peyote found at coordinates -1472.531, 4439.456, 18.862 will turn you into the legendary Bigfoot.

Other requirements include beating the game, finding all other peyote locations, and not killing the Bigfoot in The Last One mission. Man, talk about secretive.

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