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Super Mario Maker invincibility glitch patched

by Ron Duwell | September 25, 2015September 25, 2015 7:20 am PDT

Because we are only allowed to create and experiment within the boundaries of what our corporate overlords allow, Nintendo has gone ahead and patched that fun, pesky little invincibility glitch uncovered earlier this week.

The small 223MB update from Nintendo claims that it will provide a “more pleasant gaming experience,” but what it really means is that it will be erasing a fun glitch that people might have been able to get creative with beyond what Nintendo originally thought possible.

Seriously, I’m still not sure why publishers are so hard pressed to iron out fun exploits players find in their games. Bungie has been excessively harsh on these in Destiny as well. Without glitches, we would never have Super Mario Bros.‘ fun 1-up trick, skiing in Tribes, juggling enemies in Devil May Cry, self-grinding in Final Fantasy Tactics, and a whole lot of other great mechanics that found their start by accident.

Is there an insecurity issue when it comes to these patches? If so, is it from the publishers themselves or the self-righteous fans who demand that everyone has the same, pure experience that they are having, regardless of if it is directly affecting them or not?

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