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Half-Life 3 won’t be a VR game, Valve gets annoyed with question

by Ron Duwell | September 25, 2015September 25, 2015 9:40 am PST

Half-Life 2 G-Man

Oh Valve. It will never end, will it? Might as well just make the game already to stop the voices. Valve’s Chet Faliszeck was speaking at EGX on the future of virtual reality when he ran into an inevitable question from a cheeky fan.

The fan stood up and asked, either seriously or ironically, if Half-Life 3 was going to be a virtual reality game. What did Faliszek have to say about it?


There you have it, the most Valve has spoken about Half-Life 3 for the better part of a decade. Faliszek then changed the subject to virtual reality headsets using Wi-Fi, something he claims will not happen for a long time due to bandwidth issues not allowing the screens to run at the same rate.

But still, Half-Life 3! He didn’t deny it existed, did he? Confirmed!

Are gamers ever going to get over it? Probably not. Is Valve ever going to release it? Probably not. Will we continue to hound Valve and press for answers? Probably. Why? Because its just as fun as playing Half-Life 2, I suppose.


Ron Duwell

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