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Huawei said to challenge Samsung with a stylus-equipped phone of its own

by Jacob Kleinman | September 21, 2015September 21, 2015 8:00 pm EST

Samsung Galaxy Note 5-15

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series offers some of the best smartphone stylus technology around, but the South Korean company may soon have some tough new competition. It turns out Huawei could be prepping a stylus-equipped phablet of its own.

According to a new report, the Chinese technology firm is set to release a new smartphone with a dedicated stylus sometime next year. The company apparently met with Wacom, which already supplies Samsung’s S Pen, but couldn’t come to an agreement. However, Huawei may have already found another supplier that can match Wacom in both performance and price.

Competing with Samsung won’t be easy. The Galaxy Note 5 offers some of the most impressive stylus software we’ve ever seen, even if it also sports a pretty terrible design flaw. Hopefully Huawei can keep up while avoiding the problems some of its rivals have run into.

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