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Attack on Titan TGS 2015 trailer and gameplay – It’s raining limbs!

Attack on Titan is still pretty popular in Japan, turning up in every form of entertainment while the manga comes closer to wrapping itself up. Video games haven’t been that successful at capturing the insanity of the show so far with the Nintendo 3DS releases not doing so hot on the critical scene. On consoles though, Koei Tecmo and Dynasty Warrior Omega Force have been tapped to give it a try.

Surprisingly, Omega Force is ditching the formula it has used in the last 235,761 games it has made and is attempting something a little deeper than Dynasty Warriors. Much like in the show, you’ll control Eren and use his 3D Maneuver Gear to glide through the air and bring down the giant, naked Titans. He can lock onto specific body parts, disable the beasts, and move in for the final kill on the back of the neck.

Also like in the show, the seemingly invincible 3D Maneuver Gear isn’t foolproof either since Eren must get decent timing to pick up anything that resembles speed, and even then, he can still crash into buildings or get caught by the ugly beasts.

Scattered throughout the city are allies who will team up with Eren and aid in bringing Titans down. It’s in your best interest to keep them alive as well.

Attack on Titan looks smooth at least, even if its setting and character models don’t have quite the detail we’ve come to expect from a PlayStation 4 game. However, it falls right in line with Omega Force’s other games, and the fact that it is coming out for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita might have something to do with that. I’m not huge on the anime series and not that big on Omega Force either, but I still like how the mechanics work. I’ll keep this on my radar.

The game will be released in Japan this winter and will hit North American shores in 2016.

Ron Duwell

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