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Chromecast 2nd-gen launching this month with new design and features, rumor says

by Jacob Kleinman | September 18, 2015September 18, 2015 6:30 am PST

If you’re thinking of buying a Chromecast you might want to wait a few more weeks. 9to5Google reports that Google is working on a totally redesigned streaming stick with lots of new features.

According to a leaked internal document the second-generation Chromecast will be a bit bigger than its predecessor. Instead of the popular dongle form that Google helped pioneer, the company is opting for a circular shape with some sort of connector (likely HDMI) jutting out. It also appears to come in a few new colors, including bright yellow and red along with the traditional black.

Under the hood Google is offering improved Wi-Fi, which should help get rid of any lag you may have experienced using the original Chromecast. There’s also something called “content feeds,” which could mean the ability to add a live feed of information or images from social media as your Chromecast screensaver. Finally, a new feature called “Chromecast Audio” will apparently let you plug any speaker system directly into the new streaming device for wireless music controls.

Google is also expected to announce that Spotify support is coming to Chromecast, along with a handful of other services. The entire announcement could take place later this month at a rumored September 29 event, where the company will likely also show off two new Nexus phones and the final version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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