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T-Mobile Simple Global now covers all of Europe, South America

by Todd Haselton | September 17, 2015September 17, 2015 11:00 am PDT


T-Mobile on Thursday announced that its Simple Global feature, a part of Simple Choice plans that allows T-Mobile customers to roam on data and voice networks around the globe at no additional cost, is now available in the entirety of Europe and as well as all of South America.

145 countries are now available for roaming with Simple Global, and T-Mobile says that covers about 90 percent of the destinations its customers visit, including the Bahamas, which it said is a particularly popular destination. Sure, you always have the option of taking along Project Fi device, an unlocked phone and adding a SIM card to keep costs down or, if money isn’t a concern, paying for some of the roaming fees that other carriers charge.  However, there’s something incredibly compelling about keeping your phone number and having a data connection when your plane touches down in a foreign country.

T-Mobile makes a big splash and likes the bash the other carriers a lot. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it seems silly, but this is one area where I’d love to see other carriers start to copy T-Mobile’s moves.


Todd Haselton

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