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Persona 5 delayed into 2016, gets a brand new trailer

by Joey Davidson | September 17, 2015September 17, 2015 5:31 am PST

Persona 5 is no longer releasing this year. Both Atlus USA and Atlus of Japan had December 2015 targeted for the massive JRPG, but that date has slipped.

The new trailer, which you see above, highlights the new launch window. It’s coming in the Summer of 2016. We’re not sure if that’s a worldwide date or exclusive to Japan, though we’ll be sure to update you whenever we have that specific news.

On the plus side? We have a new, lengthy trailer. It’s a good one, too. Take the good with the bad, I suppose.

You’ll see cutscene anime, actual gameplay and more of those brilliant UI screens. Just look at the awesome phone chat in the game!

Batting cages? Escaping from a rolling boulder? A new release date? All of those things are in the trailer.

We’ll have more onĀ Persona 5 as it comes.

Joey Davidson

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