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SaGa: Scarlet Grace announced for PS Vita, new trailer

by Ron Duwell | September 16, 2015September 16, 2015 6:30 pm EST

Square Enix finally has some new information on the elusive SaGa 2015 announced last December. The title will be for the PS Vita, and it has been re-titled into SaGa: Scarlet Grace, bringing the series’ decade long absence to a close.

Square Enix brought a new teaser trailer along to Tokyo Game Show 2015, but it doesn’t feature any actual gameplay. Instead, we are treated to flashes of traditionally drawn SaGa characters from Tomomi Kobayashi and the unmistakable tunes of the series’ longtime composer, Kenji Ito.

I am a big fan of SaGa even though it hasn’t seen the same level of success in the West as it has elsewhere. I am worried that Square Enix will overlook its localization, the same way it has for many other SaGa games. On a high note, every game since the 1997 SaGa Frontier has made it to the West, but on a low note, does Square Enix even realize the PS Vita exists outside of Japan?

Should be great if you know what to expect from a SaGa game, and it will be interesting to compare it to this fall’s The Legend of Legacy from Atlus and FuRyu. The latter was developed by many members of Square Enix’s old SaGa team, whereas Scarlet Grace is being directed by the series’ longtime producer, Akitoshi Kawazu. I wonder how they will stack up.

No release dates or anything else yet. Hopefully we’ll see some gameplay before the end of the weekend.


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