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Google and Twitter said to take on Apple, Facebook news apps

by Jacob Kleinman | September 11, 2015September 11, 2015 10:20 am PDT

phone reading

Reading an article on your smartphone can sometimes feel like a pretty broken experience. The page takes too long to load and once it does you’re bombarded with ads and app store links. A few companies like Facebook and Apple already offer their own solutions, but now Google and Twitter may be teaming up to create something even better.

Re/code reports that the new service will go live in the near future with a small group of media companies as its early adopters. The idea is to make sure articles load as quickly as possible by showing a cached version of the page. The entire tool will also be open source, meaning any other app or publisher could use it as well.

That’s a pretty different take on the issue compared to competing solutions. Facebook’s “Instant Articles” load a page instantly within its own app. Meanwhile, Apple’s “News” app curates stories for you inside a beautifully designed native application.

It’s unclear whether Google and Twitter will take a cut of advertising revenue from these articles, though that seems unlikely. Facebook and Apple currently let each publisher keep all the profits from their own stories, so it’s likely this new option will need to do the same if it wants to succeed.


Jacob Kleinman

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