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Metal Gear Solid V opens at number one in Japan, sells a lot of PS4s

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s launch wasn’t as big as Metal Gear Solid 4’s in Japan, but it was able to finally do something that a lot of games haven’t yet. It got PlayStation 4 consoles off the shelves and into houses.

According to Media Creates, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain sold 411,199 copies in its first week, compared to that of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots which sold 476,334. It’s worth pointing out though that Media Creates doesn’t count digital sales, which are much more prevalent nowadays than when Metal Gear Solid 4 launched. For all we know, The Phantom Pain did beat Guns of the Patriots like a sweaty old man.

And it probably looked something like this, too.

Of the 411,199 copies, 293,652 were sold on PlayStation 4 and 117,547 on PlayStation 3. In the U.K., PlayStation sales beat out Xbox sales three to one, but in Japan, PlayStation copies infinitely outsold Xbox copies since the game didn’t launch under Microsoft’s banner.

PlayStation 4 consoles also flew off the shelves as as result of the release. With the option to buy Metal Gear Solid V, overall console sales climbed to 54,494 up from 18,539 the week before. I can’t think of any other major PlayStation 4 release before this that would inspire Japanese fans to drive out and buy a console. Metal Gear Solid is a staple of Japanese console gaming, a category that has gone horribly underrepresented over the last two years

Until heavy hitters like Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5 and Dragon Quest XI finally get released, this was Sony’s biggest hopes of selling a few consoles in its home country. It’s nice to see that in these days dwindling interest in home consoles that Japan can still rally around a longtime favorite and legendary franchise.

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Ron Duwell

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