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iPhone 6s promo video confirms smaller battery

Apple uploaded a bunch of promotional videos to YouTube on Wednesday to give us a glimpse at its new devices ahead of their release, and one of those clips, which showcases 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s, confirms rumors that the new device will have a smaller battery.

Thanks to its additional hardware, which includes a thicker display with 3D Touch technology and the Taptic Engine, other components inside the iPhone have had to be modified slightly. In the iPhone 6s, that’s the battery, which is now smaller than it was in the iPhone 6.

If you watch the 3D Touch video below closely around the 2-minute, 50-second mark, you’ll notice that powering the iPhone 6s is a 1,715mAh lithium-ion battery made in Japan. In comparison, last year’s iPhone 6 had a 1,810mAh battery.

Presumably, the iPhone 6s Plus’ battery will also be slightly smaller, but it’s unclear at this point what the difference we’ll be. We’ll likely have to wait until the device is made available on September 25 and given its customary teardown by the guys over at iFixit.

It’s also unclear what kind of impact these changes will have on battery life. iOS 9 is more efficient than previous releases, so perhaps we won’t notice them too much. iPhone 6 Plus already had excellent battery life anyway, but that hasn’t exactly been the case with iPhone 6.


Killian Bell

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