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Apple won’t hold any more events this fall, rumor says

by Jacob Kleinman | September 9, 2015September 9, 2015 8:00 am PDT

WWDC2015-Time Cook Opening

For the past few years Apple has always held two separate events each fall. The September event focused on new iPhones, while a second event a month later introduced the latest iPad lineup. However, a new report suggests there will be no second event in 2015.

According to noted Apple blogger John Gruber and a few last minute “little birdies out [last night] in San Francisco,” the company is only planning one big presentation. That means whatever gets announced on Wednesday is likely all we’ll get. Anything left out of the event may have to wait until next year.

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Apple is expected to unveil the rumored iPad Pro and a new iPad mini at today’s event, along with updated iPhones and a new Apple TV. That doesn’t leave much for a second event, unless the company has an entire new type of product launching later this year.

If Gruber is right, then this Apple event could really be the biggest one ever. After all, the company has rented out the enormous Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, which holds up to 7,000 people. That’s a lot of space, suggesting there could be a lot of news to match.

We’ll be covering the event live in a few hours.

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