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Tesla’s Model X online builder tool reveals big new details

by Brandon Russell | September 1, 2015September 1, 2015 3:00 pm PST

Patiently waiting for your Model X? Tesla has already announced that the much-anticipated crossover will begin shipping this fall (maybe even this month), and it looks like those who put down a deposit can start building their very own model.

Although it’s not visible on Tesla’s website just yet, people have begun to access the configuration tool, which allows buyers to tailor the Model X Signature Series exactly to their liking. That means everything from the color of the leather seats, to the interior decor, and even the headliner. As part of the Signature Series, customers get flat-folding, 2-adult third row seats, a power lift gate, ventilated seats and autopilot features with self-parking and lane steering. That’s just the start.

Pricing for the 90 kWh Signature Series begins at $132,000, and promises 240 miles range and 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds. If you wanted, you could upgrade to a Ludicrous Mode, which costs an extra $10,000; other upgrades offered include a subzero weather package and a tow package, the details of which you can see in the screenshots above. With everything included, you’re looking to spend $143, 750. For comparison’s sake, the 90 kWh Model S promises over 300 miles range, so the weight of the Model X obviously has a big affect.

While many of the features revealed by the builder tool have already been talked about by Tesla, there are a few details we didn’t know. For example, the Falcon Wing doors have built-in sensors, meaning they can open in garages of any height. Some of the other standard equipment includes an automatically retracting spoiler, automatic emergency braking, and a rear accessory hitch for bike and ski carriers.

Meanwhile, it appears as though the windshield extends all the way above the driver and passenger seats, which Tesla has yet to show off. We’ve seen prototype designs in person, but the automaker hasn’t yet shown off a final version.

You can glean more details from the screenshots above. Those lucky few who have been able to access the online builder tool should get their Signature Series in the coming weeks. For the rest of us, we can merely ogle at what looks to be one of the prettiest, most advanced electric vehicles on the market.


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