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Dreamcast sales spiked after Shenmue III reveal

by Ron Duwell | September 1, 2015September 1, 2015 5:30 pm PST

Hey, look at all the late comers jumping aboard the Shenmue train! You’re about 15 years too late! Shenmue III‘s reveal at E3 2015 and subsequent successful Kickstarter campaign apparently touched a nerve in the brains of those who hadn’t yet played the first two games, leaving many to scramble to find out where to play them before the next game lands on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

The answer many got when calling retailers was, of course, “the Dreamcast,” and as reported by MCVUK, retailers are claiming that SEGA’s swan song console has spiked in sales since the game was first announced.

Destructoid too points to the price of Shenmue jumping from $15 on eBay to $100 in the last few months as well. Good thing I still have my copy! My original Final Fantasy VII, too!

David James-Turvey of Llanelli’s Retrobution points out a pretty obvious misstep in hindsight.

“Sega has really lost out on a load of digital sales by not releasing HD versions, so naturally indies like myself are the only place that would satisfy that itch to get back into these titles.”

Honestly though, is there anybody who would have guessed that Shenmue III could have been this big after the franchise’s reputation of being a colossal financial failure? I don’t blame SEGA one bit for not going back and doing the HD remakes without the assurance it would find an audience. Now, however, it has incentive to do it.

“I’ve had more customers hyped about Shenmue III than Call of Duty, and I am glad there are gamers out there like this, because it proves that gaming is not as disposable as other forms of entertainment. Indies should be confident in their physical stock.

Dreamcast sales have come from nowhere almost, what’s exciting now is that young gamers who perhaps didn’t even know what the Dreamcast was are interested in it.”

Man, has “We told you so,”ever felt so good? If you want to play Shenmue, the first one is playable on the Dreamcast, but in North America, the second game is limited to the original Xbox.

MCVUK Destructoid

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