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This flexible phone bends to navigate UI

by Todd Haselton | August 29, 2015August 29, 2015 1:00 pm PST


The G Flex and the G Flex 2 from LG are probably two of the most common smartphones that might come to mind when you hear about a “flexible” device. The flexibility of those phones adds to the durability, since they aren’t as prone to cracking. Another company named AUO recently took a different approach to the flexible smartphone.

Engadget China recently had a chance to get up close with a prototype of an AUO smartphone during the Touch Taiwan 2015 expo, where it learned that bending the device forward or backward along its X-axis can actually control the zoom inside of an application, in this case Google Earth.


This doesn’t look particularly intuitive, and we’re not sure how valuable it would actually be in the long term, but we’re glad OEMs are exploring new uses for flexible devices. Hit the source for an animated look at the phone.

Engadget China

Todd Haselton

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