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Holy smokes! Netflix on the Wii U has finally been updated

by Joey Davidson | August 28, 2015August 28, 2015 12:20 pm PDT


In today’s edition of “It’s better late than never, I guess!,” we have news of an update for the Netflix application on the Wii U. It brings all the functionality it probably should have had for more than a year now to Nintendo’s home console.

What’s in the update? Well, for starters, Netflix profiles. No more mixing up watched content as different family members use the consoles for different things. Octonauts, the amazing sea life based show my 4-year-old digs, has been occupying too much of my Netflix page for too long now. That can finally go away.

The UI has also been redesigned to match the one users see on PCs. It’s much faster, snappier and easier to navigate.

Even better, you can actually pick up where you left off on shows, something that has been super hit and miss with Netflix on the Wii U.

The previous experience was mediocre at best. This makes things much better, and I might actually use the console for consuming Netflix more often.

Joey Davidson

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