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Dragon Quest XI to be released no later than May 2017

by Ron Duwell | August 27, 2015August 27, 2015 6:30 pm PDT

Well, we got a release window for Dragon Quest XI far faster than we did for Final Fantasy XV. The game was first announced on July 28, and here we are, one month later, and we already have a good idea of when to expect it. Square Enix has stated that Dragon Quest XI will be released ” no later than May 2017.”

Yuji Horii and his team as Armor Project, as well as development studios Orca on the PlayStation 4 and ToyLogic on the Nintendo 3DS, have been hammering out the game at a far faster pace than previous Dragon Quest titles. For the first time since the PlayStation 2 days, no online component will be added to a mainline Dragon Quest game, and many are wondering how it will be a success in the mobile, highly-connected Japan.

Series creator Yuji Horii thinks the game has the power to make the consoles relevant again in his home country.

“We want people to play it. We are making the most of the characteristics of each gaming machine.”

Dragon Quest X has sold 1.52 million copies since launch across five platforms and three versions so far, but that is a number far lower than previous entries in the series. Square Enix thought subscriptions would be a key to long term profits through Dragon Quest X, but many point towards the online play and monthly fee as the main reason Dragon Quest X chased away many longtime fans. This is the reason Horii and his team are taking it back to basics as a single player game.

The series has always been seen as a game changer in Japan, so we’ll have to wait and see if it still has the following to wrestle attention away from Yo-Kai Watch and the mobile gaming revolution.

May 2017, will we be seeing school children line up for their copies? I sure hope so!

Ron Duwell

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