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Pick up the Lytro Light Field Camera at 59% off MRSP

by TechnoBuffalo Team | August 26, 2015August 26, 2015 8:20 am EST

The Lytro light field camera has kicked photography evolution into overdrive, capturing images in 3D to put the entire frame in sharp focus. Now is your chance to get a first-gen 16GB model for $79.99 shipped from TechnoBuffalo Deals.

When you shoot with a regular camera, the depth of field (area in focus) is pretty small. This can mean that you miss getting your main subject in focus, and it makes background details fade away into a hazy mush. In contrast, the Lytro produces “living photos” which the viewer can refocus endlessly. This is because it captures all of the light coming off the scene in front of you, and records the direction it came from. The 4.4-inch camera can store 750 of these images, while the touchscreen at the back lets you compose your shots and manually adjust the settings. You also get the conversion software for creating and uploading your pictures, plus a carry case.

This deal takes 59% off the usual price of the Lytro, with free shipping.

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