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Update to Facebook’s Moments app will make videos out of your silly photos

by Brandon Russell | August 25, 2015August 25, 2015 3:20 pm PST

Facebook’s Moments app, which promises to make sharing photos fun again, received a new update on Tuesday focused on montages. Once you update, Moments will create a photo montage of an event complete with music, adding a new dynamic to the album of pictures you snapped while on vacation. The feature is similar to Google’s Photos app, which has an Assistant feature that does the same thing.

A solitary photo can already pack a punch all by itself, but adding in a music element creates of an emotional punch. Users will still have to do some grunt work by selecting a group of photos they want to share, but once that’s done, Moments will work its magic. Facebook offers 10 music themes, ranging in genre from light EDM to country.

If you don’t like the video that Moments creates, you can always go in an edit it themselves. But beyond swapping out photos and changing the music, there isn’t much flexibility. And that might be just as well; Moments is designed for quick sharing, and most people will be perfectly content to allow Facebook’s app to automatically create these charming little videos.

Once a Moments video is created, friends identified in the pictures will automatically be tagged for easy sharing. The update—catch the video above to see it in action—is currently rolling out for iOS and Android.


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