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Huawei Nexus images confirm USB-C port

by Brandon Russell | August 24, 2015August 24, 2015 12:00 pm PDT

A handful of new pictures appear to confirm Huawei’s rumored Nexus device will indeed sport USB-C. The port, which is more about convenience than anything right now, is still in its infancy, only available in the OnePlus 2 (and a few computers). But seeing as Nexus phones are typically designed to be reference devices, it’s no surprise to see the device adopt the new technology—something that will likely become the standard by this time next year.

Google has used USB-C before in its most recent Chromebook Pixel, so the company’s fans should be somewhat familiar with the port. At this point, adopting USB-C is a little more trouble than its worth—all your microUSB cables are useless without an adapter—but Nexus fans will no doubt love the reversible convenience; no way is the wrong way when connecting a USB-C cable, which is the main allure.

LG’s rumored Nexus is also expected to sport USB-C when it launches, though we haven’t confirmed that just yet. Seeing as the Huawei Nexus comes with the reversible port, however, chances are good the LG device will as well.

In the photos of the Huawei Nexus from earlier today, we caught a glimpse of the device’s metal design, a pretty obnoxious camera hump, and a rear fingerprint sensor. The new Nexus phones are obviously out there in the wild, which suggests Google is pretty close to sharing final details. We tend to see Nexus announcements in October, though considering the frequency of leaks as of late, perhaps we’ll see something sooner rather than later.


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