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Google’s new weapon against Yelp is your food photos

by Jacob Kleinman | August 24, 2015August 24, 2015 4:00 pm PST

It’s no secret that Google has it out for Yelp. The search giant pushes its own restaurant data in search results, and even got into trouble for stealing content from its smaller rival. Now, Google has a clever new strategy to take on Yelp with a little help from its massive Android user base.

A new feature spotted by Android Police can actually recognize when you snap a photo of your food at a restaurant. When it works, you’ll get a notification asking permission to share the picture to Google Maps. The app can then presumably show your photos to anyone who checks out the same restaurant online.

For now, this option is apparently only available for Google Maps’ Local Guides level 3 and up. Anyone can sign up to be a Local Guide, though you’ll have to write reviews of restaurants, shops and other locations to level up. Getting to level 3 requires writing more than 50 reviews.

We assume this feature will roll out to all Android users before too long. Whether you want to share your food photos with the world is still up to you, thankfully.

Android Police

Jacob Kleinman

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