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WhatsApp Web is now available to iPhone users


WhatsApp Web is finally available to those with an iPhone, almost six months after it first launched on Android. The app allows WhatsApp users to chat on through their browser, so they don’t have to pull out their phone when they’re at their computer.

WhatsApp Web is a lot like Apple’s iMessage app on Mac, or Google Hangouts on the web; it allows WhatsApp users to read and respond to messages and create new chats on their desktop through Google Chrome. It’s super handy for those who use a computer regularly.

Having made its debut on Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone back in January, the service is now available to users with an iPhone. To get setup, users simply need to visit and use their smartphone to scan the QR code that’s presented to them.

The feature appears to be rolling out to users in phases, according to The Next Web, so not all users with an iPhone will see it at the same time. To find out if it’s available to you already, open the WhatsApp app on your iPhone, go into the settings menu, and then look for WhatsApp Web.

The Next Web

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