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Speedo Shine is a Misfit-designed wearable for swimmers

by Jacob Kleinman | August 20, 2015August 20, 2015 8:00 pm PDT

Misfit already offers a variety of fitness wearables that promise to track your activity, measure your sleep and withstand the elements. Now the company is teaming up with Speedo for a new gadget made just for serious swimmers.

The Speedo Shine counts how many laps you swim, using specialized firmware to track your motion. It also record the entire distance you swim and how many calories you burned, even taking the type of stroke you do into consideration. Of course, it also tracks running, biking and sleep.

The device features a premium aluminum design and works with Misfit’s app for iOS and Android. Speedo is also set to release its own app for the device called Speedo Fit.

You can pick up the Speedo Shine for $80 for either company starting on September 1. If you’re not a serious swimmer though you’re probably better off buying the regular Shine, currently priced at $69.99.

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Jacob Kleinman

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