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iPhone 6c release rumored for Nov. as Foxconn staffs up

by Jacob Kleinman | August 20, 2015August 20, 2015 1:00 pm PST

When it comes to the iPhones 6c the rumor mill still doesn’t know what to think. Some strongly believe that Apple will announce three new smartphones next month, while others argue that the device won’t arrive until next year. Now a new report offers a third possible option for the alleged 4-inch iPhone.

According to ChinaTimes, Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 6c in November, just a few months after the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus hit stores in September. The report backs up previous claims that the new phone will feature a Touch ID fingerprint reader and NFC, bringing Apple Pay to the 4-inch screen. However, we’re not expecting Force Touch for the smaller device like we are for Cupertino’s new flagship smartphones.

As a result Foxconn is reportedly staffing up in an effort to meet Apple’s demands. The Chinese company reportedly bulked up its staff when iPhone 6s and 6s Plus production kicked off earlier this summer. Now it may be doing the same thing again for the alleged iPhone 6c.

Of course this is just another iPhone 6c rumor to add to the pile. We won’t know anything for sure until Apple actually reveals the rumored smartphone, and that might not happen for a few more week, months or longer.

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