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Virgin Media to offer free Wi-Fi on U.K. streets next month

by Killian Bell | August 19, 2015August 19, 2015 5:00 am PST


Virgin Media is gearing up to provide its broadband customers with free Wi-Fi throughout U.K. towns and cities from September. The service will be powered by customers’ Super Hub and Super Hub 2 routers, which will double as public hotspots.

Virgin Media is taking advantage of the many home broadband routers is has provided to U.K. customers to deliver a vast network of public connections throughout the country. Customers will be able to connect to other customers’ routers and access the Internet at no extra cost.

Virgin Media has begun emailing its users to inform them of the change, and to reassure them that it will not impact their existing connection.

“We’ll switch on a separate internet connection to your Super Hub,” the email reads, according to Pocket-lint. “Don’t worry, the broadband you love and pay for will stay exclusively yours – and remain just as secure.”

Super Hub and Super Hub 2 routers will have additional bandwidth delivered to them specifically for public connections, Virgin adds, and those connections will use a separate IP address. Even though they’ll share the same router, then, they’ll be totally detached from private networks.

Customers who still aren’t comfortable with sharing their router can opt out of doing so in the profile settings within their account. However, those who do this give up their right to use other users’ routers when they are out and about.

To find out more about Virgin Media’s new public Wi-Fi initiative, follow the source link below.

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