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Samsung Pay probably won’t work on Verizon phones

by Jacob Kleinman | August 19, 2015August 19, 2015 10:20 am PDT

Samsung Pay is set to hit American phones next month, but Verizon customers may end up left out in the cold. Samsung recently revealed that its mobile payment app won’t work on Verizon, though the carrier claims it’s still deciding whether or not to support the service.

Concerns that Samsung Pay wouldn’t work on Verizon first cropped up when fans noticed the carrier wasn’t included in a list of official partners. The phone-maker soon confirmed the news on Twitter through its USA Support account.

It’s unclear why Verizon would block Samsung Pay, though the company doesn’t have a great track record when it comes mobile payments. The carrier resisted Google Wallet for a while too in favor of its own service, Softcard. The competing app was acquired by Google and shut down earlier this year.

In a quick statement to 9to5Google, Verizon said it’s still considering whether or not to support Samsung Pay. That suggests the two companies may still come to an agreement, though Samsung seems to think a partnership is already out of the question.

Once Samsung Pay does launch you’ll be able to pay with your phone at almost any location that accepts credit cards. The app uses Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology Samsung acquired through LoopPay, though it also works over NFC. Based on the demos we’ve seen so far it looks pretty great, though we’ll have to test out the service for ourselves once it launches late next month.

Jacob Kleinman

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