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iPhone 6s bend test reveals a super-strong shell

by Jacob Kleinman | August 19, 2015August 19, 2015 9:20 am PDT

We’re all expecting Apple to offer a tougher iPhone 6s this fall after last year’s BendGate disaster. A recent video from Unbox Therapy featuring a leaked iPhone 6s shell seemed to confirm a more durable design, and now Lew is back with a more scientific look at just how strong Apple’s new smartphone really is.

The short answer is that this iPhone 6s shell is really tough. It stands up to about 80 pounds of pressure before bending at all. That’s more than double the iPhone 6, which folds under just 30 pounds of pressure.

Before crushing the leaked iPhone 6s shell, Unbox Therapy also sent it off for a chemical analysis. The results reveal a significant amount of zinc, which is found in 7000 series aluminum and adds extra toughness to the design. The one issue with zinc is that it means a higher risk of corrosion, but Apple compensates by adding an extra thick layer of anodization.

Based on all this information we’re expecting the iPhone 6s to be a lot tougher that the iPhone 6. We still don’t recommend sitting on your smartphone, but this upcoming model will probably hold up if you squish it by accident.

You can check out the full video up above if you haven’t already, or if you don’t have time we’ve put together a quick gallery of screenshots below.


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