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Google’s OnHub router wants to make Wi-Fi simple

by Brandon Russell | August 18, 2015August 18, 2015 9:27 am PST

Wi-Fi is great. Wi-Fi is also really terrible. There’s nothing worse than a sketchy connection, but what can we do about it, really? Restart the router and do the same song and dance all over again?

Google apparently saw this problem and wanted to do something about it. So in partnership with TP-Link, it introduced a smart router on Tuesday that promises to take the frustrations out of bad Wi-Fi. No more going insane because a connection dropped off in the middle of a live stream.

There are three main bullet points, and one bonus: OnHub searches the airwaves and selects the best channel for the fastest connection; you set it up through an app for Android and iOS, making it easy to managed and troubleshoot; it updates automatically, ensuring OnHub has all of the latest security upgrades; finally, it looks nice! Google said it was designed to look good among your other modern furniture and gadgets. It looks a lot like the Amazon Echo, or Apple Mac Pro.

But more than looks, OnHub was designed above all to make bad Wi-Fi connections a non-issue. Thanks to its unique antenna design and software algorithms, OnHub is capable of finding the fastest connection and automatically adjusting to avoid interference and other Wi-Fi hazards. You can even prioritize devices, which means your marathon multiplayer session won’t get bogged down by phones, tablets and computers in your home.

Finally, Google said that OnHub will support smart devices around your house, whether they use Bluetooth Smart Ready, Weave or 802.15.4, and more coming soon. Additionally, Google said that it will announce something built by ASUS later this year, but it didn’t say what.

You can pre-order OnHub now for $199.99, or you can pick it up from retail stores across the U.S. and Canada in the coming weeks.

Brandon Russell

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