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Galaxy Note 5 3000mAh battery lasts longer than the 3220mAh Note 4

by Jacob Kleinman | August 17, 2015August 17, 2015 3:00 pm PDT

For all of its powerful hardware the Galaxy Note 5 packs a relatively puny 3000mAh battery. That’s even smaller than the 3220mAh power pack included in last year’s Note 4, which has a lot of Samsung fans ready to revolt. However, a new comparison test from PhoneArena reveals that Galaxy Note 5 actually outperforms its predecessor when it comes to battery life and charging speeds.

For battery life the Galaxy S6 edge Plus is actually Samsung’s best performer, offering 9 hours and 29 minutes of power. The Galaxy Note 5 is close behind at 9 hours 11 minutes, followed by the Note 4 at 8 hours 43 minutes. However, if you’re looking for the best battery life out there you should try Motorola’s DROID Turbo, which comes in at 10 hours 42 minutes.

PhoneArena also offers up a list of the best devices when it comes to charging time, which is almost as important as battery life. The results are pretty similar, with the Galaxy S6 edge Plus charging up in just 80 minutes. The Note 5 came in close behind at 81 minutes, followed by the Note 4 at 95 minutes. Once again Samsung gets bested by another device though, and this time its the Asus ZenFone 2 at just 58 minutes of charging time.

Of course, no matter which device you pick the battery will deteriorate over time, which is why we wish Samsung would still offer a removable power pack. Still, it can’t hurt to start with as much battery life as possible.


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