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Windows 10’s Xbox One streaming has a “Very High” setting, here’s how to unlock it

by Eric Frederiksen | August 14, 2015August 14, 2015 12:40 pm PST

Xbox One in the Woods -02

If you’re running Window’s 10’s Xbox One streaming app across a nice, beefy connection – probably not wireless – and you don’t mind tinkering, it turns out there’s a bit more quality to be squeezed out of the application.

A Reddit user found some settings that will allow you, the everyday Windows 10 user, to access internal preview settings.

  • Close the Xbox One app in Windows 10
  • Open File Explorer, past in the following location: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\
  • Open the “Microsoft.XboxApp…” folder
  • Then open the folder LocalState
  • Right click the “userconsoledata” file, select Open With and pick Notepad
  • Change <IsInternalPreview>false</IsInternalPreview> to <IsInternalPreview>true</IsInternalPreview>
  • Open the Xbox App and stream from console. Click the ((o)) button in and select the “Very High” option.

The setting uses roughly twice as much bandwidth as the high setting, and noticeably improves the experience, decreasing the fuzzy look I noted in my first look at the app.


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