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iTunes 12.2.2 update released to fix Apple Music bugs

by Jacob Kleinman | August 13, 2015August 13, 2015 3:20 pm PDT

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We’ve been having issues with iTunes for a while now, and the release of Apple Music only made things worse. Now Apple’s released a quick update meant to fix some of those bugs and offer a better experience overall.

If you’re a fan of Beats 1 then iTunes 12.2.2 is the update for you. Moving forward you’ll be able to check out the entire broadcast schedule from inside the desktop app by clicking on the Beats 1 banner. Apple’s Music Connect feature is getting some improvements as well. You can now see a list of who you follow, while musicians will be able to submit posts straight from inside iTunes.

The newest version of iTunes should also fix issues the app has been having with local music libraries. Everything should be organized correctly now. A bug that caused you to lose your page in Apple Music when you went back has been fixed too.

You can grab the update now from the Mac App Store. Just click on the Updates tab and start downloading.

Jacob Kleinman

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