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Dragon Quest XI PS4 screenshots are unreal, 3DS charming as ever

by Ron Duwell | August 13, 2015August 13, 2015 5:30 pm PDT

Square Enix has released the first official screenshots for Dragon Quest XI, not screencapped from a trailer. As we know by now, the game will be released both for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4, and it’s really hard to tell which one I want more.

In one corner, we have the PlayStation 4 version, which looks drop dead stunning with the¬†Unreal Engine 4 powering its sweeping landscapes and slick character models. Square Enix sells nothing short here. It’s a beautiful game, and in regards to the battle system, the development team has shifted away from the first-person view of the classic games, replacing it with a¬†sweeping camera like in Dragon Quest VIII and IX.

One further observation about the battle system is that our hero is fighting alone, tightly surrounded by his enemies. It leads me to wonder if this will be a solo outing with no party members, similar to the original Dragon Quest game. There is no place for anybody else in there!

As for the Nintendo 3DS the charm doesn’t stop flowing. Dragon Quest XI’s PlayStation 4 version’s Unreal graphics have been replaced with a chibi-style similar to Dragon Quest IX and the 3DS remakes. It unmistakably stars the same characters and setting, and the much touted lower screen recreates the scene in an old-school style with sprites and the first-person battle system.

If I had to choose, the PlayStation 4 version is the one I want more, but I would be happy with both. Square Enix has no release date yet for Japan, but it shouldn’t take too long to dish out.


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