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Pushbullet beefs up on security with end-to-end encryption

by Jacob Kleinman | August 11, 2015August 11, 2015 12:40 pm PST

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Pushbullet is already one of the most convenient ways to send information from your phone to your computer. Now it’s also one of the most secure thanks to a new update adding end-to-end encryption for the popular service.

The app always transferred your data over a secure connection, but Pushbullet was still able to see what that information. Now your Notification Mirroring, SMS and universal copy & paste will be encrypted when they leave one device and will stay that way until they reach their final destination.

Pushbullet says this is one of the most common requests it gets from fans, but the company clearly took its time getting everything right. The app still works just like it used to, but now you know your information is totally safe.

The update is available now for Android, Chrome and the company’s Windows desktop app. Pushbullet says it’s headed to iOS shortly, with a Mac desktop version coming soon too. Encryption will also roll out to Opera, Safari and Firefox once it’s working smoothly on Chrome.


Jacob Kleinman

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