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Verizon’s new plans: S, M, L, XL — Easy, right?

by Todd Haselton | August 7, 2015August 7, 2015 3:00 pm PST


Verizon on Friday introduced new plans that it hopes will be much easier to understand. And they kind of are. Like other things we buy — clothing, food — the plans are split into small, medium, large and X-large options.

Don’t use much data? Buy the small plan. It’s $30 a month with 1GB of shareable data. The medium offers 3GB of data for $45 a month. The large bumps that to 6GB for $60 and the X-large is $80 a month for 12GB of data. Easy, right? If you’re a smartphone enthusiast, get the medium at the very least. Get your mom a small. I’d wear an XL, not unlike my t-shirt size.

Like all things carrier related there are additional fees. You’ll need to pay $20 per smartphone line that eats into that data bucket. That means the 3GB plan for $45/month is really $65 once you add a smartphone to use with it. You’ll pay $10 for devices such as tablets and LTE hotspot devices, or $5 for smaller things like connected watches, Verizon said.

And finally, gone are the two-year contracts with these plans. You’ll instead need to choose a payment option, formerly called “Verizon Edge,” which requires monthly payments until your device is paid off or traded in. Or you can buy it at full retail cost. Your choice. Hit the source for more information.


Todd Haselton

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