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YouTube says farewell to “301+” for more up-to-date view count

by Brandon Russell | August 5, 2015August 5, 2015 3:00 pm PDT

YouTube 301

YouTube does this weird thing where it freezes video views at 301+, leaving content creators unsure of how many views are actually coming in. You’ve probably spotted it at one point or another; it’s not a gigantic deal, and YouTube has actually explained why this is so in the past. Going forward, however, you can say goodbye to 301+, and “hello to more up-to-date video views.”

In a chart shared on Twitter, YouTube explains that it freezes views at 301+ to ensure that views are legitimate.

“When a video passed 300 views, we’d freeze the view count while we checked for spam,” YouTube said. “Hence the legend of 301+. After a few hours, we’d update the view count with validated views.”

YouTube says that in the future it will count views it’s confident are from real people (and not “sneaky robots”), providing content creators with more up-to-date view counts. It will give YouTubers like TechnoBuffalo a more accurate idea of how engaged people are when a video is released.

YouTube still acknowledges that some sneaky robot views will filter through, so the count won’t always been 100-percent accurate. However, it will be more up-to-date, which means we can finally say farewell to 301+.

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