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Protect your credit cards with RFID blocking wallet

by TechnoBuffalo Team | July 31, 2015July 31, 2015 8:15 am EST

A3 Wallet RFID

Touchless credit cards are an exciting new convenience, but if you walk past the wrong person, you could have your account cleaned (or maxed) out in minutes. The compact A3 Wallet protects you from hidden card readers, and TechnoBuffalo Deals has it for $26.99 shipped.

Made from anodized aluminum, the A3 is one of the new breed of sleek high-tech wallets. It is obviously durable, but it is also cleverly constructed. Your cards are sandwiched between three RFID-blocking plates, which are held together by two rubber O-rings. By sliding the top O-ring down, the firm grasp is loosened, and the plates hinge open from the bottom. On the outside, there is a clip for storing folded cash, which doubles as a bottle opener. The whole thing is barely bigger than the cards it holds, and it weighs just 2.7 ounces.

  • Made of durable anodized aluminum for a smooth finish
  • RFID protection for securing your credit card data from thieves
  • Triple plates for custom organization
  • Slim, compact design
  • Holds paper credit cards and paper currency
  • Snaps together with two O-rings for easy access
  • Includes integrated bottle opener

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