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“No concrete plans” for Dragon Quest XI in the West – Did you expect any differently?

by Ron Duwell | July 31, 2015July 31, 2015 6:30 pm PST

Dragon Quest XI (1)

I questioned immediately after Dragon Quest XI’s debut this week how long it would take Square Enix to state that it was only “thinking about” a release in the Western world. Turns out, Square Enix didn’t leave me waiting. It only took a single day!

Square Enix took to Twitter and dropped an unprecedented “no concrete plans” regarding its gorgeous looking game, and the world is still rumbling from the shock. Oh wait, no. Everyone and even their moms who know squat-all about Dragon Quest expected this reaction.

This probably means a “no” seeing that those “other DQ games” Square Enix mentioned are starting to pile up into their second dozen now. We know how this dance plays out since it’s become so routine. Square Enix will still dangle Dragon Quest XI in our faces, say “Hey, maybe buy a few copies of Dragon Quest Heroes to show us your support if you want this one,” before shrugging back behind its veil of the Internet.

Years will pass, we’ll see nothing. No promises made, no promises broken. A single spin-off game, the bottom choice of many fans, released over the course of four years. Quota met. Stamped. Done.

I realize the view might be a little dim from up there on your ivory tower, Dragon Quest team, but your fanbase in the West is just teeming with frustration, confusion, and quite frankly, after four years of waiting for a new RPG with plenty to choose from, they deserve a lot better than your wishy-washy non-committal and the contradictory statements made by your executives.

That cute mascot on Facebook designed to quell fan frustration with adorableness isn’t going to last forever. You’re going to have to be more forthcoming eventually if you want the complaints to stop piling up on every single post. Shame on Dragon Quest fans for falling in love with something that is so risky, but your lack of anything candid has brought your community to the tipping point. Fans should not have to “fear for the future” of a franchise that is actively being supported.

And once again, we are starting the cycle anew. We would have cherished those Nintendo DS days more if we had known they would be so short.

Gamers don’t forget. Just remember that. They won’t walk away from Dragon Quest XI, just like they haven’t walked away from the dozen other games, and there is only one way to end this pointless frustrating cycle. You don’t have to repeatedly set yourself up as a villain here. Why not take a chance?


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