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EA not sure if it will annualize Need for Speed again

by Eric Frederiksen | July 31, 2015July 31, 2015 8:30 am PDT

EA has some steady annual game franchises, but the last few years have seen the publisher take a step back on some of its properties, giving games a year off. It doesn’t always promise a good game, but it at least ensures we’re a bit hungrier for the update when it does hit – such is the case with this fall’s Need for Speed. Speaking to MCVUK, EA’s Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore talked about the future of the franchise.

Whether or not Need for Speed will be (re)annualized or not is “an interesting question,” he said. We’ll see how this game goes. You can only bring it out annually if you can come up with real fresh ideas. It is the same thing we’ve been going through with golf,” he added.

“It’s golf; is there enough innovation and creativity that you can go in there with and do something different every year?”

It’s a bit refreshing to see this kind of candid response from a gaming executive. I’d rather see EA rotating games around every few years, making sure we know what’s coming but keeping us anticipating the next release in a series. We’ll see bigger visual jumps and more varied gameplay. I hope this is a trend indicating a new stance rather than just a period of adjustment before resuming business as usual.


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