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“Selfie Camera Drone” reportedly prepped by Samsung

by Jacob Kleinman | July 27, 2015July 27, 2015 2:00 pm PDT

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Samsung could be getting into the drone business in a big way. A new report claims the company is working on something called “Project Selfie Camera Drone.”

The name pretty much says it all, which is unfortunate since the report from SamMobile doesn’t offer any more details. We’re guessing Samsung’s drone will put a big focus on photography. Believe it or not, “selfie drones” are actually already a thing, though maybe the South Korean giant can still bring something new to the table.

The drone market is getting crowded, but until now we haven’t seen any of the established tech giants offer their own models. OnePlus revealed a small drone in limited numbers earlier this year as an April Fools’ gag, and Sony recently announced plans to offer drone-based services through a new venture. Of course, there’s also Amazon and a handful of other firms racing to make drone deliveries a reality.

Still, Samsung could be the first big company to take a real run at the growing industry. We’re curious to see what this drone might look like, though it will probably be a while before there’s anything to share. This is still just a top secret project for now, even if it’s always possible more information will leak out soon.


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