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Borderlands and Castle Crashers backwards compatibilty on Xbox leaked

by Joey Davidson | July 27, 2015July 27, 2015 3:30 pm PST

Slowly but surely, more and more games are being added to the roster of backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles on the Xbox One. Whether those announcements are official or leaks doesn’t seem to matter too much, just as long as they come with a few pictures for proof.

Today we have the addition of Borderlands and Castle Crashers, two very different games with large fanbases. Personally, I cannot wait to romp through Castle Crashers again when it shows up on my Xbox One. I adored that game.

The leaks come from Solo Xbox One, which appears to be a Spain-based Xbox news site run by fans. You’ll see Spanish and their watermark in the images above.

These are two great additions to the compatibility lineup if genuine. Treat this as a rumor for now, of course, but I really can’t wait for more Castle Crashers action.

Solo Xbox One Destructoid

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