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Xbox One Mouse, Keyboard support ‘aren’t far away,’ says Phil Spencer

by Eric Frederiksen | July 22, 2015July 22, 2015 12:20 pm PST

Logitech Keyboard and mouse

When Windows 10 hits later this month, Xbox One gamers will be able to stream Xbox One games from their consoles to their computers. Xbox boss Phil Spencer wants to see the opposite happen as well.

One gamer asked Spencer via Twitter if players will be able to mirror their PCs to their Xbox One consoles with Windows 10, to which Spencer replied that the team is still finishing Xbox to Windows 10 streaming.

“I like the idea of [Windows 10 to Xbox One] streaming but don’t have a plan yet,” he added.

Another reader chimed in that the Xbox would need mouse support for such a thing.

Before anyone’s hair lights on fire, though, this isn’t a suggestion that mouse and keyboard gaming are necessarily heading to Xbox One, as that would wildly imbalance gameplay. If this support does indeed see the light of day, it’ll likely be implemented in such a way that it’s restricted to the PC stream and not usable with the Xbox One interface and definitely not with games.

The support, though, could bring us yet another way to stream media to our consoles and possibly even provide the same capabilities as Valve’s Steam Link hardware.

Eric Frederiksen

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