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Microsoft Send blurs the line between email and instant messaging

by Jacob Kleinman | July 22, 2015July 22, 2015 3:20 pm PST

Back in May, Microsoft’s plans for a new app that blurred the line between email and instant messaging leaked out. Now that app is finally here and it looks pretty great.

Microsoft Send lets you message your friends and colleague over email. That means you don’t need to know their phone number or connect with them on a social network to chat. Instead, all you need is their email address, except Send doesn’t function like a standard email app.

There’s no subject line and you won’t feel compelled to introduce yourself or say goodbye at the end of the message. Just type out a line like “Meet at noon” and hit send. You can start a new conversation by searching through your email contacts, with the people you talk to most often displayed up top. The app even includes pre-written quick replies like “On my way” to save time.

Send will only show messages started with the app, so you can’t respond to emails that didn’t originate there. However, your Send chats will show up in Outlook so everything is available in one place all the time.

Microsoft Send is available now for the iPhone and is coming soon to Windows and Android, too. You’ll also need access to Office 365 business or a school email account, though it should be available more broadly in the next few months.

Jacob Kleinman

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