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Shenmue III team accepting PayPal donations soon

by Joey Davidson | July 21, 2015July 21, 2015 5:30 pm PST

Shenmue 3 - Thank You

Shenmue III wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign last week. It became the highest earning video game on the crowdfunding platform ever with $6,333,295 pledged over 69,320 backers.

As the gaming industry has slowly taught us over the years, $6 million is a little more than a drop in the bucket of development costs. If Yu Suzuki and company want to makeĀ Shenmue III as good as it can possibly be, they’ll need more scratch than that.

That’s why the team announced on Twitch that they’ll soon be opening up a PayPal donation method for those who want to contribute to the game even after its Kickstarter campaign. They did not indicate if PayPal donations will secure any actual game content in the announcement, just that the funding method was coming soon.

As for when and where? That much hasn’t been confirmed, but as the Admin posted on, users will want to stay tuned to official sources only. Here are the links they provide.

Please do not send money to any PayPal account that you haven’t verified through any of these information outlets:

Will Suzuki and Ys Net put enough money together to make Shenmue III the game fans want it to be? Time will tell.

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