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The Last of Us’ soundtrack getting a slick vinyl release

by Ron Duwell | July 21, 2015July 21, 2015 1:20 pm PDT

The Last of Us vinyl

I didn’t live through the days of vinyl records, but I can totally get the nostalgia a lot of people have for them. There is something a little extra there that cassette tapes, VHS, and maybe even CDs can’t touch. A genuine collector’s mentality. In my brain, they’re the equivalent of Famicom cartridges… oh, I shiver at the thought.

Anyway, in this digital age, you can still pick up plenty of vinyl records without a shred of irony, and The Last of Us soundtrack would be a nice addition to your collection. This award winning collection of music from Gustavo Santaolalla will be getting a four-disk vinyl release, and the cover art is no slouch either, provided by Olly Moss and Jay Shaw.

The collection includes the entire soundtrack to the main PlayStation 3 release, but only select tunes from its standalone expansion, Left Behind, will be making it.

Altogether, this box set will cost you $75 to pick up. You can snag it through Mondo Music starting on July 22.

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