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Nike and Spotify want to make running more bearable

by Brandon Russell | July 20, 2015July 20, 2015 6:00 pm PDT

Nike’s popular Nike+ app is gaining access to Spotify’s over 30 million songs. The partnership is meant to provide avid runners with playlists designed to push them just that bit more, to reach beyond their limits. You’ll have to be a Spotify Premium subscriber, of course, but it combines two services into one superpower.

The integration will include a feature known as Pace Stations, which will provide playlists based on a runner’s target pace and music preferences. The feature differs from Spotify’s recent Running feature, which detects a user’s pace and plays songs that are appropriate to keep runners moving. Nike’s solution is more about motivating users to increase their pace, and, over time, improve it.

According to Nike’s announcement, music has proven performance-enhancing effects, so this new partnership makes a lot of sense. Not only is it a solid perk for frequent Nike+ Running users, but it’s great for Spotify, which is doing its part to combat the growing presence of Apple Music.

The new update is iOS-only, and comes with a Spotify free-trial sans credit card; those who do choose to enter in their credit card information will receive an additional 60-day trial.


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