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Instagram adds search feature to the Web

by Brandon Russell | July 20, 2015July 20, 2015 8:00 pm PDT


Instagram is very slowly making its website a place you’d actually want to visit. For a long time, it was just an afterthought, a place Instagram put together because it felt obligated. And you can’t really blame the company; Instagram has always been mobile-focused, designed as a platform to share and communicate. But times have changed, and Instagram seems to be slowly warming up to the idea of making its website a fully functioning version of its app.

Starting today, Instagram is rolling out a search function on its website, giving users the ability to search for hashtags, locations and users accounts. Instagram completely redesigned its mobile search page to be a more functional place for discovery, highlighting trending tags, and ways to find new people and places. The new website update is meant to bring some of that functionality over to the desktop.

It’s a welcome update to be sure. But the desktop experience still doesn’t quite match what you’d get on mobile. For one, you still can’t upload pictures directly through the website, which I’m sure Instagram is in no hurry to implement. “ is designed to be complementary to the mobile apps,” Instagram said.

Be that as it may, Instagram’s website is slowly evolving into something more usable, and adding search functionality is a small step toward app parity.


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