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You can play DOOM on anything, even in DOOM itself!

by Ron Duwell | July 17, 2015July 17, 2015 1:20 pm PDT

Hackers have proven that you can play DOOM on ink jet printers, ATMs, or just about any device with a CPU and a screen, but here is one you might have never seen before: playing DOOM inside of DOOM!

YouTube user TheZombieKiller has uploaded a video of a recent DOOM mod which allows just that. Prepare to feel a little queasy. Our nameless space marine walks up to a customized terminal in the game’s engine, and what appears on the screen when he activates it? Naturally, a copy of the actual DOOM!

What happens though if you run the mod inside the mod? That would make an infinite loop in which the DOOM marine would be doomed to forever turn on the blue screen. Oh, my head hurts. What if you die in the mod while playing a version of the real game in the mod? Does your modded player die for real, or just in the game? I’m so confused!

It’s a nice a little trick, but I’ll be more impressed when someone out there can get DOOM running in LOOM. Who doesn’t want to see Bobbin Threadbare go to town with the BFG?


Ron Duwell

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