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Microsoft’s wonderful Hyperlapse app for Android is no longer in beta

When Instagram released Hyperlapse last year, Android users felt aggrieved when the social network said there wasn’t going to be an Android version. Luckily, Microsoft stepped in with an app of its own, promising to pretty much offer what iOS users were already enjoying. A few months after stewing in beta, and Microsoft Hyperlapse is now available for everyone to download.

Like Instagram’s version, Microsoft Hyperlapse is designed to make your shaky smartphone video silky smooth. That might sound like a ludicrous promise, but we actually got our hands on the beta a few months back, and it’s surprising how well it works. And it not only produces beautiful results, but it’s super easy to use. You’ll get wonderfully stabilized footage, along with some terrific timelapses.

Additionally, you can import video into the app, which is something you can’t do with Instagram’s Hyperlapse. That also means you can Hyperlapse a video multiple times, giving you more creative control over the final result; with Instagram’s version, you can only process a video once, which means you have to get the first take just right.

If you shoot a lot of video with your Android device, you should consider checking this out. Hyperlapse requires Android 4.4 or 5.0, and is available for free.


Brandon Russell

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